About us

What is SUSTAIN about?

The problem

In the last years we have been experiencing a steady loss of biodiversity. Given that the latter is  crucial for for a healthy productive ecosystem and provides us with vital benefits such, medicinal resources, pharmaceutical drugs, food, protection of water resources, pollution absorption, end more, it is crucial and urgent for a solution to be found. 
One of the main factors that result to the loss of biodiversity is air soil and water pollution, 62% of European citizens recognise this fact, but still there is no improvement in the ways we deal with this problem. 

The solution 

The SUSTAIN is centered around effective innovative education. Firstly we will analyze the available information on the topics of air pollution and biodiversity loss in order to produce accurate and specific educational materials. 
This will result to an guide for teachers that will allow them to provide education for their students regarding biodiversity loss, it’s connection with air pollution, Air pollution causes, Ways to reduce air pollution and preserve biodiversity.
Last but not least SUSTAIN will provide a complete gamified learning solution based on Minecraft. A dedicated Minecraft world will be created, infused with narratives and challenges, were students will learn inside a virtual pollution-free community.  

The innovation 

SUSTAIN is not the first initiative dealing with biodiversity loss, we expect to achieve your goals through a few key innovative factors:
  • We focus on a topic  that is not well presented in school education. Most initiatives are focused on raising awareness about climate change, Sustain goes a step further by introducing a comprehensive approach analyzing the impact of human activities 
  • The SUSTAIN outcomes are centered around applicable knowledge, our goal is not just to raise awareness but to to lay down meaningful practices. 
  • SUSTAIN utilizes Minecraft , it capitalizes on an already existing game that is very popular among children. Moreover we are not aiming to augment the learning experience, we will provide a complete instructional package, that will allow teachers to center their efforts around out tool 

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